Hello Pretzels,

We are currently on lockdown until further notice. For any information please PC me on chat.

Also all of our servers have gone to Aqua Vikings.


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Why Do We Use The Chat Above?

We use the chat above to interact with other penguins apart of Pretzels. We also use the chat to communicate during battles. Battles will be scheduled on our site, which you are on right now, and once we have an event, all penguins must report to our chat box above for battle commands when we log on to Club Penguin. The chat box is very important, and don’t worry because we have moderators who watch over the chat to make sure that there is no inappropriate content going around.

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You can get memberships by coming to our chat daily, and also coming to our events that we have on Club Penguin. We like to make Club Penguin much funner to play, so head over to our join page and fill out an application today!

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We are a fun and friendly army, with new people joining every day, we would love to have you be apart of our family. We watch out for each other, and keep each other safe. We protect Club Penguin against those other evil armies that try to attack it. If you would like to help and join us, please fill out the form below and you will be added to our ranks page.

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It is unfortunate for me bring you guys this news, but we will be going on lockdown until further notice. However we will still be on chat so you guys can still find me there if you have any questions or want to discuss the future of this army with me. Until then the other leaders and I will be meeting occasionally to bring this army a better future. The reason for this is due to us all being busy at the sometime and because of the army as a whole is busy with school at the moment. I will post updates on the army and when we will return. Until again, Have a Nice Day.


Pretzels Leader and Revolutionist

AUS Events


Alright now that the weekend is over and our first opening week of gathering people and letting people know we are around, it is time to get salty! I will be posting the AUS events for the week and I hope we get 10+ on by the end of the week and 15+ Saturday!



Where: Matterhorn

Times: 7:00 pm JST, 8:00 pm AUS


Tactic Session

Where: Glacier

Times: 7:00 pm JST, 8:00 pm AUS







Where: Matterhorn

Times: ALL DAY(Just whenever you are on)



Where: Matterhorn

Times: 7:00 pm JST, 8:00 pm AUS

Alright I tried to schedule the times at a fair time. I will be at all these and I hope most of you will be too. The reason there is nothing scheduled Thursday is because that will be our rest day. Saturday we will be recruiting all day that way when Sunday for us come around and we do what we do best then we can start next week off with a BANG!

“Sometimes you just gotta surround yourself with salt”


The Pretzels Leader

Brown is the new Orange: PCP edition

So Brave has decided to change the color from Orange to Brown so we will also be having a new uniform for both members and non members. If you’re new or somehow don’t have any of the items just make sure to wear Brown.

Member uniform

Nonmember Uniform

Lets Get Salty!

Greetings Pretzels,

As time passes Armies get bigger and some get smaller. There’s a time in Club Penguin Armies when they drastically fall into a slum called the September Depression when everyone starts school once again. However for Pretzels we will rise through this and open up the next Era of The Pretzels! So with the might and the courage of every single one of you and I we will rise! This generation we promise to guide you through some of the best battles ever and lots of fun! So if you are with us shout with me, LETS GET SALTY!

On this day of September 7th, 2015 we open up this next generation of The Pretzels being lead by Braveboy, Starz, and I. With us 3 together we promise to make this one of the greatest eras ever. We will lead you guys to victory as long as you are there with us. I hereby dedicate myself to Never Give Up and keep on going through all struggles and dominance in The Pretzels. We vow to keep going and not to leave you guys with any means possible. Pretzels I am honored to be leading one of the best armies once again.

So with all that said, Lets Get Salty!


The Pretzels of Club Penguin Leader

FAQ: Recruiting

Hey Pretzels,

As most of you know, we have started off fresh once again. We have lost most of recruits, which means we need to recruit like crazy to rebuild the empire we once had before. I see us reaching sizes of 30+ soon and holding those sizes, but that can’t be done unless we have everyone recruiting.

How To Recruit:

Recruiting is very simple and easy! All you have to do is download an “autotyper” and it does all the work for you! You may be wondering, “I don’t want viruses on my computer!!” Don’t worry, this application is virus free. While you are autotyping on Club Penguin, you can watch TV, play video games, do homework, or do some chores around the house while your penguin is typing on Club Penguin.

If you want the link to the autotyper, please private chat a leader or owner on our chat.

What Do I Type On Club Penguin:

Well, we have a set of lines that you will input into your autotyper attracting new recruits from Club Penguin to join. All you have to do is ask a leader or an owner and they will present you with our recruiting lines.

What Do I Get Out Of This:

Good question! If you help recruit for us, you will get many things in return. Promotions, Xats, Days, Powers, and Club Penguin Memberships will be provided to those who help us recruit on Club Penguin. You may not get those prizes all at once, but if we see you are doing a good job of recruiting, we will present you with those prizes.

When Should I Autotype And For How Long:

Well, you can autotype during anytime of the day whenever you are on our chat and feeling bored. The minimum time we require for all troops to autotype is at least 1 hour a day, but you can do more if you would like.

So what are you waiting for troops? Get started on recruiting and help us get bigger. We can’t do this alone. We need your help Pretzels!

-Brave, Pretzels Commander.

Neutrality with Nachos – Changes in PCP

Hey Pretzels!

We have been going through hard times within our higher ranks so now the current leadership is: Me, Brave, Holo2 & Teal which is why I concluded to end this war and established a rebuilding/way neutral stage in this generation starting now. I will no longer tolerate anymore arguments about these topics and I hope everyone keeps following the rules. Some people might of left because of the recent Leader/owner changes but once we rise we will prove them all wrong.

If you need proof to make sure this is real, just PC me or a Nachos leader…

 ~ Antonio960 PCP Leader

Farewell for now.

Farewell Guys hope to see you all in the future