Event Schedule


Sunday January 31

Opening Event!

Server: Matterhorn


5:30 PM EST

4:30 PM CST

3:30 MST

2:30 PST

10:30 GMT


Comment if You Can/Can’t Come


The Salt is Back

Welcome To The Pretzels Army

Welcome to the Pretzels official site!

We are back, and planning a huge comeback. For now we are still in the restoration process, so stay tuned, and start joining!

Also, I’m currently looking for leaders to help me out. If interested contact me on Kik or on Xat.

 Join us today by clicking Here

Come chat with us at our moderated chat below!

*Click the small box, type “Hi”, press enter to activate the chat!*

Why Do We Use The Chat Above?

We use the chat above to interact with other penguins apart of Pretzels. We also use the chat to communicate during battles. Battles will be scheduled on our site, which you are on right now, and once we have an event, all penguins must report to our chat box above for battle commands when we log on to Club Penguin. The chat box is very important, and don’t worry because we have moderators who watch over the chat to make sure that there is no inappropriate content going around.

If you would like to make the chat bigger, click here.

Are You Looking For A Club Penguin Membership?

You can get memberships by coming to our chat daily, and also coming to our events that we have on Club Penguin. We like to make Club Penguin much funner to play, so head over to our join page and fill out an application today!

Would You Like To Join?

We are a fun and friendly army, with new people joining every day, we would love to have you be apart of our family. We watch out for each other, and keep each other safe. We protect Club Penguin against those other evil armies that try to attack it. If you would like to help and join us, please fill out the form below and you will be added to our ranks page.

Be sure to check back daily for Battle Commands!

Return of a Legend/Official Leadership

So there I was walking around Matterhorn trying to find some new people when I heard some information about an old friend. I run over to my car and turn it on and drive to the HQ. As I get to the HQ I park my car run inside and go to my office. I dial up the number I found and a familiar voice answers. “Hello I was informed of this number who might this be” I say. “Well is this my pal Shad?” the mysterious voice says with an evil but friendly laugh. “Why yes it is now answer my question” I say unsure. “Well this Holo2 my good friend!” he says. “BROOO!!!!” I say surprised. “Come to the Building of Saltitude we have some business to discuss” I say as I hang up the phone.

After waiting for 2 hours I here a door close then about 1 minute later I see Holo2 walk into my office. “Long time no see old friend” I say with a smirk. “Indeed very long” he says. “So Brave and I are gathering up some people so we can restart this salt movement. We need all the help we can get. You in?” I say still with that evil smirk on my face. “Well I’m not sure if I’m still as capable as I use to be. It has been awhile” as he gets up and walks around and looks at an old picture.”Well I do believe this army could very well be the best one if you, Brave, Ronnoc, Billy, and I all give it our all. What do ya say old pal? One Last Ride or not?” I say with a smirk. “One Last Ride huh? Well, as long as there’s still some salt left there’s always room to make some Pretzels” he says with a smile and his hand reaching out. “Always my friend” as I shake his hand. “The Salt is Just Beginning”.


Pretzels Last Ride


New Lines

Hello Pretzels,

Today I have some big news, we have made new recruiting lines! I expect all mods and owners to CP recruit when ever they can, preferably at least once a day. Without further a do here are the lines.

  • Fear The Salt
  • Salt is Back
  • Pretzels CP
  • Salt CP
  • For The Salt


Our Last Ride

New Leader

Hello Pretzels,

I have been recently appointed Pretzels leader and I am so exited to lead. I will do everything in my power to make this army great. I will help make this generation the best one we have ever had.

The Salt is Coming


 Pretzel’s last ride

Prepare for Changes



I am very disappointed to the fact that nobody showed up to our suppose to open event. Not even our very own Brave showed up to it. The only person that cared to show up is Ronnoc. Due to the fact that he was the only one that cared to show up I hereby appoint him leader of Pretzels. Brave, if you don’t like that then maybe you should have showed up. Anyways in the ext week there will be changes being made constantly for the better of Pretzels. We will open this weekend whether we have an event or not.

It is time to stop being lazy and questioning whether the Pretzels will ever be great again. I am done with crap and it is now time for the Saltiest Army in Club Penguin to be a world power.

The Salt is Coming


Pretzels Last Ride

The First Event


Tomorrow is the first opening event. I encourage everyone to make it to the event as it is the first scheduled event of this generation. I don’t expect it to take off big, however I do expect to have a decent size for the first one. I hope everyone can make it.


Tactic Session

When: 6:30 pm EST, 5:30 pm CST, 4:30 MST, 3:30 PST/

Where: Matterhorn, Town

Why: Opening Event

Please be on chat 30 min. to an hour early to prep. for event. We will have an after party afterwards.


The Pretzel’s Last Ride


Today we logged on to battle the RPF army. Sadly, we lost, but we will do better next year! We are growing everyday! We put up a very good fight, keep it up! We had 10/11 lockouts at all times.

Max: 42 || Avg: 38

legends cup vs rpf

legends cup vs rpf 2


Around 30 Pretzels PRE-BATTLE (+10 Lockouts)







Today we logged on to face the Miners army in the SMAC DOWN tourney. We won. 

Max: 28/29


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[US] Raid Of Fjord [Mission Successful]

Hello Pretzels! The nachos maxed a size of 3, while we maxed a modest 40. 

Max: 40 

We are training for the BIG battle Saturday. 

Be there.

 r0ipraDfjord ecNachospretzel 

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